Sierra Transportation

As a privately owned business, Sierra Transportation, LLC is operated and managed by transportation professionals with access to capital expansion and resources to accommodate additional projects and growth. Our parameters cover Allegheny County and surrounding areas. All management and staff members have been crossed trained to assist in handicapped transportation, home accessibility, as well as in operation management, including prompt, courteous, and professional dispatching. Furthermore, our staff and drivers are always updating their training and attend different conventions held throughout the country.


Our Vision

Our goal is to continue to become efficient, sufficient, On Point On Target, and a name to be associated with quality access transportation in Allegheny County and beyond.

Our Mission

Sierra Transportation, LLC’s mission is to provide high quality, friendly, safe, and timely disability transportation services. Our goal is to eliminate the mobility problems and barriers that are affecting the elderly and people with disabilities in Allegheny county and borders of Pennsylvania.

Contact Us

For more information on our elderly and disability based transportation offerings, we encourage you contact us right here or by calling 412-331-0202.

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